Interview: REGGIE on Working with Father & Awful Records

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This summer/fall Awful Records and Father collaborated with Father to drop a joint project. We interviewed director duo REGGIE (Jake Herman & Clay Dirkse) about creating four music videos with Father and their process.

How did your relationship with Father and Awful Records begin?

We wanted to shoot for them at Day N’ Night and Gerry Newton hit us back up who’s the Vice President of Awful Records. He met up with us and we went bowling with Father, Dash and Gerry and basically just met everyone about a week before the concert.

Our relationship grew after the Day N’ Night video when they wanted to start producing and shooting a jingle Father wrote for Funyuns. They ended up giving us the money for production and shooting, but never released it due to a marketing change.

That’s where the relationship all started. A couple months later they hit us up wanting to talk about doing music videos over the summer from Father’s new album. Since June of last year, we have done four videos for the album. Some we directed, some we have co-directed, and some we just had creative direction.

You went to Atlanta for one of the videos, how was that experience?

Actually, we ended up going to Atlanta to film parts of all three videos that we shot over the summer. Those videos were, We Had a Deal, Lotto, and Thotnite. Thotnite was the only one fully shot in Atlanta, but parts of Lotto and parts of We Had a Deal were both shot there as well.

We rented a mansion in Butts County, GA about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta; basically, the middle of nowhere. We set up the mansion to film three different scenes. We used different parts of the property to arrange sets for each separate video. It ended up working out pretty well because the mansion was massive and nothing else was around so there wasn’t much holding us back.

What kind of challenges did you face while shooting?

The main challenge we faced while shooting was probably finding the location of a mansion or house in Atlanta. It was far away from any main city and we had to get a lot of people out there, but other than that, it was really just dividing up money and figuring out how we could get all three videos done when we have to shoot half of it in LA and half of it in Atlanta while staying within budget. I think our producers did a great job in getting the money to stretch as far as it possibly could.

If you could choose, who would you want to work with next?

We would definitely like to work with somebody like Smino or Masego in the future. Their sounds are both just awesome and something we can really get behind. I think possibly breaking into alternative music and exploring other genres would be pretty cool as well. There are still so many possibilities and ideas that we haven’t really explored yet.

Which video is your favorite and why?

Lotto. It was basically a tribute to a Camron music video for the song called What Means the World to You, that kind of has a 90s or 2000s hip hop feel to it. It has a good all-around vibe and is something that we both enjoyed. Father actually saw the video first and said he liked it and wanted to shoot something like it. Once we saw it, we were all on the same page, so it was easy to roll with and came out really well.

How much creative freedom did you guys have with these videos?

We collaborated with Father through everything and worked together the entire time. For example, we would decide on the song first and then we would come up with ideas and write a shot list before meeting with Father. Once we would meet up with him again, we would go over it together and he would change some stuff. We would go back and forth a few times before deciding on a final shot list.