The purpose of this page is to help us accurately and effectively support our talent in achieving their goals.  Answer the questions below as comprehensively as you can.  Follow the notes on the side of the page for further instructions. 

Setting clear goals is critical in personal growth. The intent of this page is to help us further understand your goals and aspirations. Once we more completely understand your aims, we will be able to better prepare our resources and organize tasks focused around achieving them. 

As a part of AVONNI we want to stress the importance of developing more complete artists. We ask that you create four goals each quarter that force you place yourself in new positions or open new opportunities. 

Whatever goals you write must be specific and measurable and achievable but challenging. 

Once we have created a finalized list of four goals for the quarter we will create a strategic plan for achieving each objective. We will clearly identify a path that will work best and outline the specific actions required to accomplish your goal. 

Every other week we will conduct a follow-up on these four goals. We will assess what steps we have taken towards the goal and what steps we still need to take. 

Please refrain from creating any goals stemming off of current projects. These goals should be new initiatives and not focused on completion of ongoing projects. 

At the moment we want to highlight four goals each quarter. This does not mean that we will only focus on four projects each quarter, but instead these are four specific projects, achievements, or steps you want to take outside of what you are currently working on that we can focus on energy on achieving.